Sam Sparro cancels US tour

Visa issues cited again as reason

Sam Sparro drops out of V Festival

Plus several other last minute line-up changes

Sam Sparro announces UK tour

The 'Black And Gold' singer will head on tour next month

Sam Sparro reschedules US shows

And there’s a few more added in September

Sam Sparro

The mercurial, ubiquitous brilliance of ‘Black And Gold’ has earned Sparro critical immunity, so it’s now mandatory to refer to him as the neon-silhouetted saviour of pop. Just one quibble though: if someone played the jive of ‘21st Century Life’ to you blind and told you it was Room 5 feat Oliver Cheetham’s belated follow-up to Lynx advert hit...

Sam Sparro announces New York and LA shows

He'll promote album on both coasts

Sam Sparro album gets US release date

Self-titled debut comes out next month

Sam Sparro to play last-minute gig

The Number One star will perform tomorrow night (May 30)

Sam Sparro

Looking like Alexis from Hot Chip fed on creatine and joy, Day-Glo spectacled Sam Sparro is pumping the air with his bulging arms, shaking his butt for all he’s worth and singing – altogether now – “’Cos if you’re not really here, then I don’t want to be either/I wanna be next to you, black and gold!” What a...

Sam Sparro

Sam Sparro, ’80s soul enthusiast and studied dance music expert, should make a killing in 2008. Not only has he got the ‘soul’ label nipping at his heels – a profitable tag to be courting at the moment, what with the successes of Adele and Duffy – he’s also proved, with ‘Black And Gold’, that he can do informed,...