Shitdisco cancel gigs as ‘cyclical vomiting syndrome’ strikes

They're forced to pull out of dates in the UK and Spain

Shitdisco’s Joel Stone rushed to hospital

All North American dates are cancelled


According to their biography, Shitdisco “believe that partying is a political statement”. Guys… no. Rioting, pamphleteering, assassinating an Austro-Hungarian archduke – these are political...

Shitdisco pull UK tour

Band forced to cancel dates after singer falls ill


NME wouldn’t blame you for having doubts about Shitdisco. Inevitably, there’s a whiff of novelty about a band who started out playing Portakabins in...

Shitdisco reveal live dates

The band also get set to release debut album

Shitdisco help Fierce Panda celebrate anniversary

Xerox Teens perform at their 13th birthday

Shitdisco: Reactor Party

Not as hip as Klaxons, or as hot as New Young Pony Club, but there’s not a cool cat alive that doesn’t dig Shitdisco....