Sleigh Bells

Demi Lovato settles lawsuit with Sleigh Bells

Demi Lovato has settled her copyright infringement lawsuit with Sleigh Bells. The noise-pop duo sued Lovato last year for allegedly sampling their 2010 track ‘Infinity Guitars’ without...

Sleigh Bells – ‘Jessica Rabbit’ Review

Sleigh Bells were your sweetest nightmare. For three fantastically brutal pop albums, Derek Miller’s extreme noise terror guitars and nosebleed electro beats smashed together...

Sleigh Bells announce new album ‘Jessica Rabbit’

It’s duo’s first album in three years

Demi Lovato’s producers deny sampling Sleigh Bells without permission in song ‘Stars’

Band claim Lovato's track samples both 'Riot Rhythm' and 'Infinity Guitars'

Sleigh Bells’ Alexis Krauss launches beauty website

Beauty Lies Truth aims to educate and inspire people to use environmentally-friendly products

Sleigh Bells – ‘Bitter Rivals’

Sleigh Bells’ Alexis Krauss and Derek Miller got into boxing while making this album, and the Brooklyn duo would wake, train and eat together before...

Sleigh Bells’ Derek Miller says ‘Bitter Rivals’ celebrates coming to terms with his father’s death

'I had been in the darkest, nastiest situation,' guitarist tells NME