Switches add dates to US outing

Shows will support debut album release in the US

Switches announce US tour

They'll hit the States in the New Year

Switches postpone US album release

'Lay Down The Law' will now be released on March 18

Switches: Heart Tuned To DEAD

Much like how Weezer’s Rivers Cuomo wrote himself an Encyclopedia Of Pop, Switches frontscholar Matt Bishop has diligently studied, dissected and rebuilt the pop...


Hardly indicative of their stylistically schizophrenic debut, it’s a shame that some record company bod considers this re-recorded re-release of said debut to be...

Switches plan special cover classic

Band call on their fans for help

Switches: RPM Records/Academy Newcastle, Sat Feb 3

A queue had formed hours before Switches even set foot in Newcastle’s legendary RPM Records store, and now they’re here, dedicated fans clutch limited-edition...

Switches: Drama Queen

You know that weird thing that iTunes does when it reads a CD incorrectly and gives it the title of another record entirely? Well,...

Switches to stage Christmas show

The band have penned a festive song too

Switches: Lay Down The Law

Southend: famous the world over for its international standards of chain-pub karaoke, arcade machines so old they’re protected by the National Trust and legions...