The Dears

The Dears

Forced to sit out Britpop 2 on account of being, erm, Canadian, The Dears are clearly as perplexed as room service at the Savoy...

The Dears announce UK tour

In support of new album

The Dears: Ticket To Immortality

We don’t like it when bands progress, it makes our jobs far harder. Imagine our horror then as we slipped the new Dears single...

The Dears: ICA, London, Monday, June 26

Hey, it’s The Dears! Remember them? Six-strong Montreal miserablists? Purveyors of irresistibly doomy yet utterly romantic pop? Blur fanatics and, following his seal-clubbing boycott,...

The Dears announce T On The Fringe live date

And there's new material on the way

The Dears back with ‘stripped down’ new album

And they're very happy with it


Last minute cancellation – but the gig will now take place in July…


London date will be their biggest UK show yet…