The Kunts

The Kunts on their ‘Fuck The T*ries’ bid for Number One and LadBaby rivalry

"Underneath all the bluster, at least Oasis and Blur had a begrudging respect for each other"

‘Fuck The Tories’: The Kunts launch another Christmas Number One bid

"Spreading a little Christmas misery to those who've given us such a shit year (and previous 11 years...)"

Liam Gallagher celebrates fourth solo Number One with ‘C’mon You Know’

The Kunts' anti-monarchy protest song 'Prince Andrew Is A Sweaty Nonce' reached Number 20

The Kunts on their Jubilee single ‘Prince Andrew Is A Sweaty Nonce’

The punks share their new single, as frontman Kunt tells us about taking on the monarchy, Boris Johnson's partygate scandal, and dream of Eurovision gold

The Kunts to return with new Jubilee single ‘Prince Andrew Is A Sweaty Nonce’

It's the punk band's follow-up to their 2021 top five single 'Boris Johnson Is STILL A Fucking C**t'

The Kunts fire back at LadBaby, accuses them of “using food banks to hawk records”

"Let me be clear, we would not stoop to using poverty, hunger and despair to promote our career and bolster our bank balance"

LadBaby hit out at The Kunts in festive chart battle

"It takes a certain sort of person to download a song with that in the title"

The Kunts’ ‘Boris Johnson Is STILL A Fucking C**t’ lands at Number Five in Christmas Number One midweek charts

LadBaby's Ed Sheeran and Elton John collaboration is currently leading the race

The Kunts return with ‘Boris Johnson Is STILL A Fucking C**t’ and tell us about their Tory-toppling bid for Christmas Number One

"Our message? Fuck you and everything you stand for, you horrible, heartless, corrupt, duplicitous bunch of c**ts"

Here’s why I want to see The Kunts’ Boris-bashing anthem vying for Christmas Number One

This satirical number would tackle the root cause of our current plight