The Little Ones

The Little Ones

The reason Fleet Foxes have been drawing such plaudits for their album must be at least partly down to its sleeve, which looks much...

The Little Ones

There’s a thin line betwixt twee and hate, but luckily The Little Ones manage to stay just about inside the safe zone. When ‘Morning...

The Little Ones plot North American tour

California rockers also reveal new EP details

The Little Ones

A bit like Led Zeppelin releasing a live album from the O2 entitled ‘Really Short Snappy Songs Played By Attractive Men At The Peak...

The Little Ones reveal debut album details

LA indie rockers also gear up for US tour

The Little Ones

The first thing that strikes you about ‘Lovers Who Uncover’ is that the only way to make it sound more like The Spinto Band...

The Little Ones release digital remix EP

CSS and Stereolab lend a hand

NME launches US Breaking Bands initiative

Little Ones play at reception welcoming NME to the US

The Little Ones: Dublin Castle, London, Tuesday, January 30

“E Y-OOOOO!!” California’s The Little Ones clamber onstage beaming like the politicians that just got the Cheeky Girl and calling all guitar-pop lovers within...

The Little Ones: Oh MJ!

A pox on context, fie to meagre comparison, once in a while a record rises out of the rock meleé and slaps you in...