The Magnetic Fields

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Former Magnetic Fields vocalist Susan Anway has died

"She was a lovely person and will be missed by all of us"

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The Magnetic Fields’ Stephin Merritt writes ‘Scrabble’-themed poetry book

‘101 Two-Letter Words’ inspired by the board game’s obscure short words

The Magnetic Fields – ‘Quick!

Anything but a speedy romp, Stephin Merritt’s typically acute lyrics – “What a waste of all those years/What a waste of all those tears”...

The Magnetic Fields – ‘Love At The Bottom Of The Sea’

Following the quixotic genre specialising of 2008’s ‘Distortion’ (arch feedback) and 2010’s ‘Realism’ (arch folk), ‘Love At The Bottom Of The Sea’ finds Stephin...

The Magnetic Fields to release brand new album next year

'Love At The Bottom Of The Sea' is out on March 5, 2012