Mark Ronson joins Rumble Strips onstage

Producer teams up with band for new album launch

Album Review: The Rumble Strips – ‘Welcome To The Walk Alone’

Idea for a TV series: When Good Bands Go Bad. It’s got it all! Power, sex, intrigue and bright-eyed sensitive types gazing into the abyss and realising that hey, nice guys finish last. Put a moderately successful British indie band at one end of a field, a big pile of cash at the other and watch them trip over...

Rumble Strips stream new Mark Ronson-produced album online early

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Rumble Strips announce UK tour and ticket details

Mark Ronson-produced band for September gigs

Mark Ronson to join Rumble Strips at album launch show

Brass-based band set for London gig

New Rumble Strips single ‘inspired” by mugging

Band return with new Mark Ronson-produced single

Rumble Strips announce new album tracklisting

'Welcome To The Walk Alone' was produced by Mark Ronson

Live Review : The Rumble Strips

Of all music fans, it’s those of The Rumble Strips who sleep the soundest, smug in the knowledge that their boys’ next single will be fitted with the same winning components as their last… and the five before that. Overblown doo-wop harmonies, Motown hand-smacks and fanciful tales of talking alarm clocks and flying motorbikes make up the friendly, if...

Mark Ronson, Klaxons, The Horrors watch Rumble Strips preview new album

Band showcase new record at London show

The Rumble Strips name new album

They're also giving away a brand new track