The Spinto Band: Centre Point Snooker Club, London; Tuesday, May 23

A snooker table laden with mangy-looking chicken nuggets and ham sandwiches cut into triangles. A smoke-filled, nicotine-stained subterranean room. A gaggle of dog-faced bunny-girls hiding behind a curtain… Where exactly is NME, and what are we doing here? Contrary to first impressions, this isn’t Jim Davidson’s urban retreat or the Phoenix Club on Pole Dance Friday. It’s the Centrepoint Snooker...

The Spinto Band: Did I Tell You

‘Did I Tell You’ kick-starts the Spintos’, believe it or not, sixth album, and comes racing out of the blocks with more gusto than an Arctic Monkey on pocket money day. Straight away you can picture those floppy fringes doing a merry dance atop their cheerful indie noggins as they bob along to the British Sea Dogs Die In...

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