The Thermals

The Thermals – ‘Desperate Ground’

In their 11-year career, The Thermals have made music so angry at the world it would make heads of state take a long hard...

Album Review: The Thermals – Personal Life (Kill Rock Stars)

What made early The Thermals records such good fun was the way the Portland trio hurtled through their songs, racing themselves to the finish...

The Thermals reveal new album details

The band's fifth album will be released on September 7, 2010

Album Review : The Thermals

Facts about this album: * Portland-based The Thermals are Kathy Foster, Hutch Harris and Westin Glass. * 'Now We Can See' is their fourth album.Album review: How...

The Thermals reveal new album details

Portland trio sign to new label

The Thermals set for karaoke party

Oregon band will provide music in New York

The Thermals

Another exponent of the indiest city on Earth (other residents include The Gossip and Modest Mouse), Portland’s Thermals recently refused $50,000 to license a...