The View unveil details of debut album

The Scots release LP in January

The View stay at the top of the NME Chart

For a second week

The View top of the NME Chart

They knock Razorlight from the top

The View: Raigmore Motel, Inverness; Tuesday September 26

"The View, The View, The View are on fire!” Down the curry house’n’chain pub high street and into the Bates Motel-style venue on the outskirts of town, the chant heralds the arrival of the new New Scottish Gentry. Deep in the fathoms of Loch Ness, a couple of miles away, The Creature dives for cover as a far mightier...

The View: Superstar Tradesman

The new rave stormtroopers may be at the door, but out in the country the post-Monkeys rock boom is having side-effects more surreal than any party in a car park. In Glasgow, titfer-wearing disciples of Jon Fratelli compose burlesque love letters to ‘Chelsea Dagger’ dressed as bridegrooms. In Brighton, the mere sighting of a Kook causes impromptu communal singalongs...

The View announce headlining tour

And there’s a new single on the way

The View top NME chart

‘Wasted Little DJs’ knocks Kasabian off the top

The View: Wasted Little DJs

You may normally associate Dundee with cakes but soon you will only associate it with The View – named after a pub from which they are barred for riding a scooter along the bar. ‘Wasted Little DJs’ starts with brilliantly-dumb Towers Of London-style riffola, then softens into a pristine exercise in loud indie-rock, all momentum, fat choruses, a terrific...