The View

The View top the NME Chart

They knock Razorlight off the top spot

The View announce new single

Song sounds the ‘Same’

The View unveil details of debut album

The Scots release LP in January

The View top of the NME Chart

They knock Razorlight from the top

The View: Raigmore Motel, Inverness; Tuesday September 26

"The View, The View, The View are on fire!” Down the curry house’n’chain pub high street and into the Bates Motel-style venue on the...

The View: Superstar Tradesman

The new rave stormtroopers may be at the door, but out in the country the post-Monkeys rock boom is having side-effects more surreal than...

The View announce headlining tour

And there’s a new single on the way

The View top NME chart

‘Wasted Little DJs’ knocks Kasabian off the top

The View: Wasted Little DJs

You may normally associate Dundee with cakes but soon you will only associate it with The View – named after a pub from which...