They Might Be Giants

Mark, My Words: why rock needs to have more ‘quickies’

It sits there, as unavoidable as death itself. Sometimes it's in the middle of the album, like a rail replacement bus service, sometimes it's...

Hear They Might Be Giants’ new album ‘I Like Fun’

Next week sees alt-rock veterans They Might Be Giants release their new album, 'I Like Fun' - but you can hear it first on...

They Might Be Giants – ‘Nanobots’

Mixing humour with music is a risky path, but one TMBG have navigated successfully for nearly 30 years, most notably with the Malcolm In...

They Might Be Giants gear up for east coast shows

There's also a couple of midwest gigs on their itinerary

They Might Be Giants reveal new album details

Indie legends set to release ‘The Else’ in July

They Might Be Giants reveal new album details

'The Else' was produced by the Dust Brothers