Vampire Weekend gig interrupted by fire alarm

It's a Shockwaves NME Awards Show of two halves

Vampire Weekend

If Mowgli ever formed a band with his jungle friends, they would sound like Vampire Weekend. Just imagine: Baloo puffing on panpipes, bum-bashing in time with Shere Kahn to an if-you’re-sitting-still-you’re-paralysed drum beat. Pump in a smattering of chanting “eh-eh-eh-eh”s that would ricochet coconuts off trees better than Keef and you have the preppy-popsters’ newest single. Oh yes –...

Vampire Weekend help Rough Trade get gigs going again

Band to play first instore after Radiohead 'suspension'

Vampire Weekend: Vampire Weekend

The New Year deserves a new you. Now’s the perfect time to do a Gok Wan on your wardrobe; to finally peel off those skinny black jeans that have been bonded to your legs with cider since 2003; to bin the mascara (girls and boys); to donate the pointy shoes to a tramp and leave anything neon (so 2007)...

Vampire Weekend to play Shockwaves NME Awards Show

Debut album out today too (Jan 28)

Vampire Weekend to play Shockwaves NME Awards Show

Band sign up for biggest UK gig yet

Vampire Weekend set for one off UK gig

New York newcomers set to play January show