Willie Nelson’s plaits sell for £23,000 at auction

The set of braids were cut in 1983 and sold earlier this month

Willie Nelson’s hair plaits for sale in auction of Waylon Jennings’ belongings

500 lots are being sold by Jessi Colter, wife of the late Waylon Jennings

Willie Nelson’s onstage mascot in kidnapping incident

The singer's armadillo is stolen and returned after a gig in Las Vegas

Three hospitalised in Willie Nelson tourbus accident

The band's bus crashed into a bridge pillar in Texas

Toy armadillo stolen from the stage at Willie Nelson gig

The singer has put a plea on Facebook for the return of 'Ol' Dillo'

Willie Nelson hospitalised with ‘breathing problems’

Country singer forced to scrap fundraising gig due to health worries

Willie Nelson posts video for cover of Pearl Jam’s ‘Just Breathe’ – watch

The track features on the country musician's new album 'Heroes'

Willie Nelson says legalising marijuana would ‘save a whole lot of lives’

Country singer says smoking weed isn't a danger to anyone's health

Willie Nelson – ‘Heroes’

For a songwriter whose biggest hit came in the shape of a cover version – Pasty Cline’s 50-year-old take on ‘Crazy’ – it seems...

Willie Nelson turns down Roseanne Barr’s offer to be her Presidential running mate

Barr is pitching to be the Green Party's nominee for President in the United States