Willis Earl Beal

Willis Earl Beal – ‘Noctunes’

Singer-songwriter Willis Earl Beal had already moved to rural Washington state by the time his relationship with XL records – or more specifically, a...

Willis Earl Beal criticises Hot Charity as he announces split from label and new album

'I don't know who the hell [they] thought I was going to be – Aloe Blacc or somebody,' says singer-songwriter

Willis Earl Beal – ‘A Place That Doesn’t Exist’

Last year, Willis Earl Beal, a US army vet who was patronisingly marketed as a singing hobo after he signed to XL in 2012,...

Willis Earl Beal cancels European tour, shares surprise new album

The Chicago singer was due to play London on February 18

Willis Earl Beal opens up about trashing the set on new movie ‘Memphis’

Singer also reveals details about new EP and third album

Willis Earl Beal – ‘Nobody Knows’

No longer is Willis Earl Beal wearing the moth-eaten suit of a crotchety bluesman and whispering about “smoking that chronic” like a time-travelling Dr...

Willis Earl Beal unveils answer track to Lana Del Rey’s ‘Black Beauty’ – listen

'Black Beauty – A Response To Lana Del Rey from Willis Earl Beal' comes ahead of Beal's second LP

Cat Power to appear on new Willis Earl Beal album

Chicago bluesman announces full details of his second record