Willy Mason, Ethan Johns, Theme Park for Bushstock 2013 – ticket details

Communion Records' festival takes place in London's Shepherds Bush on June 1

Willy Mason – ‘Carry On’

Willy Mason always just seems to be about – supporting Mumfords here, doing some strange little show there – but recordings-wise, he’s some way off being prolific: this third album is also his first for five years. Lord knows what takes him so long, but whatever he does is never less than great, and these 11 songs are no...

Willy Mason announces UK tour and ticket details

US singer-songwriter heading to the UK to promote third album

Willy Mason announces new single

Singer also set for London date in October

Willy Mason’s family rift

New video causes disagreement between father and son

Willy Mason: If The Ocean Gets Rough

There’s nothing more cynical than a bruised romantic; and few more brutal ways of getting this across than country rock. We’re not entirely sure what Martha’s Vineyard resident Willy Mason has been doing to himself in the two years since ‘Where The Humans Eat’, but it doesn’t sound very good for the soul. Willy, you’ll remember, was one of...

Willy Mason plays tiny London show

The singer plays for just 100 fans

Willy Mason

The trouble with being a young bloke playing old blokes’ music, I suppose, is that you’ve nothing to grow into. Except, perhaps, a disability-based nickname – ‘Blind Dog Hopkins’, say, or ‘Tremblin’ Joe Sclerosis’. And so Willy ‘Um, Slightly Dated Dress Sense’ Mason, a 22-year-old New Yorker who sings like a 97-year-old Alabaman returns with Tennessee whiskey in his...

Willy Mason performs in fan’s living room

The folk star’s house tour continues

Willy Mason heads for UK

The US singer/songwriter announces extensive tour