Wyclef Jean

Wyclef Jean drops Range Rover’s CEO on his head at corporate party

Joe Eberhardt wasn't hurt in the fall but reportedly left the party early

Fugees postpone ‘The Score’ anniversary reunion tour

The tour is being moved to 2022 to ensure "the best chance that all cities on the tour will be fully open"

Fugees announce reunion for 2021 world tour celebrating 25 years of ‘The Score’

It begins tomorrow in New York with a secret pop-up show

Wyclef Jean’s childhood to be the focus of new Netflix animation

Wyclef Jean's childhood in Haiti is to be the focus of new Netflix CGI feature film, capturing the journey he made at age 9...

Watch Wyclef Jean get handcuffed after police mistake him for armed robbery suspect

Wyclef Jean was handcuffed after police confused him for an armed robbery suspect. The incident occurred in Los Angeles early Tuesday morning (March 21), with...

Wyclef Jean defends Haiti charity after spending scandal

Claims that only a third of the money raised was used to help after the Haitian earthquake were made

Haiti police chief: ‘Wyclef Jean was not shot’

Policeman says rapper cut his hand on broken glass

Wyclef Jean: ‘I have no idea who shot me in Haiti’

Rapper was shot in the hand on Saturday (Mar 19)