Young Thug

Lawyers use Snoop Dogg’s Super Bowl performance to prove Young Thug isn’t in a gang

Thugger is currently in the midst of his RICO trial

Fat Joe says he’s lied in “95 per cent” of his songs, defends Young Thug in RICO trial “travesty”

"You couldn't build a jail high enough for the lyrics I've said on songs which are all untrue"

Rap lyrics can be used in Young Thug case, says judge

The ruling was criticised as "targeting the right to free speech"

Gunna addresses RICO trial and snitching allegations in ‘Bread & Butter’

Gunna, Young Thug, and 25 others were arrested and charged last May on RICO charges

Young Thug allegedly handed Percocet pill in court by co-defendant in RICO trial

The alleged exchange took place while Young Thug was appearing in court for his ongoing RICO trial

Gunna shares first photo since release from jail, calls for Young Thug to be freed

The rapper entered a negotiated deal last month in which he pleaded guilty to a racketeering charge

Watch Young Thug’s ‘Slime Shit’ lyrics be read out by a judge in court

The state of Georgia's use of lyrics as evidence has been widely criticized

Young Thug reportedly adds hip-hop historians and lyric experts to witness list for RICO trial

Dr. Erik Nielson, co-author of the book 'Rap on Trial: Race, Lyrics and Guilt in America', is among a host of professors and lyric experts reportedly supporting Young Thug in court next year

Kid Cudi teases upcoming collaborations with Young Thug

According to Cudi, both songs are “fuckin INSANE”, and we “have no idea”

Gunna to be released from prison after pleading guilty to RICO charge

The rapper has entered a negotiated plea