Young Thug

Young Thug accused of slapping woman outside Atlanta nightclub

Rapper Young Thug has been accused of assaulting a woman outside an Atlanta nightclub. The Atlanta native is accused of slapping Valerie Raven (27, also known...

Director of Young Thug ‘Wyclef Jean’ viral video responds to speculation that clip is a hoax

The director of Young Thug's viral 'Wyclef Jean' music video has responded to speculation that the clip was faked. The video, directed by Ryan Staake, details how Young Thug failed...

Watch behind-the-scenes footage from Young Thug’s viral ‘Wyclef Jean’ video

Behind-the-scenes footage has been revealed from Young Thug's epic, meta and viral 'Wyclef Jean' video. The Atlanta rapper's video went viral this week after director Ryan Staake was forced...

Watch Young Thug get dropped on his head while crowdsurfing

Young Thug suffered a fall while crowdsurfing during his show in New York last night (December 18), with footage showing the Atlanta rapper falling...

Young Thug’s mother makes him apologise to airport staff for calling them ‘peasants’

Young Thug has revealed that he's apologised to airport staff that he had previously called "ants" and "peasants" because his mother made him do...

Listen to Young Thug’s ‘No, My Name is Jeffrey’ mixtape, featuring a Harambe tribute

The rapper’s latest mixtape includes a song dedicated to the martyred gorilla

Young Thug might be changing his name

The Atlanta rapper is considering a bizarre name change

Young Thug announces release date for ‘Jeffery’ mixtape

Project follows on from ‘I’m Up’ and ‘Slime Season 3’