Andy Brown

‘We Are OFK’ review: sublime story hits all the right notes

A beautiful exploration of creativity and friendship in the City of Angels

‘Madden 23’ to debut music from Killer Mike, Cordae and more

'Madden 23' will debut 14 new songs at launch, with more planned for the future

‘Guild Wars 2’ is coming to Steam next week

The MMO is also getting Twitch drops and a 'Complete Collection' bundle

Jetpack Collective steps into live-service publishing with card game ‘Phageborn’

'Phageborn' "changes the rules of what you can expect from a deckbuilding title"

‘RuneScape’ community slams Fresh Start Worlds as a “cash grab”

Existing 'RuneScape' members will need to buy a separate membership to play the same members content in Fresh Start Worlds

‘Thymesia’ review: an interesting soulslike plagued by inconsistency

'Thymesia' is reluctant to step out from the shadow of 'Bloodborne', squandering some promising ideas

‘Marvel’s Spider-Man’ modder recaptures the magic of Raimi’s ‘Spider-Man’ trilogy

The reshader's creator describes Raimi's trilogy as "the greatest 'Spider-Man' movies"

‘Marvel’s Spider-Man’ trails ‘God Of War’ as Sony’s second-biggest PC launch

'Marvel's Spider-Man' landed a peak concurrent player count of 66,436 over the weekend

‘League Of Legends’ is making jungle easier – and adding pets

Riot Games has acknowledged that jungle is too complicated for new players - but that's about to change

‘Escape From Tarkov’ director says fighting cheaters is “prioritised”

"For those who are thinking that we do nothing, you are wrong - wrong AF"