Al Horner

So Solid Crew’s Romeo re-records ’21 Seconds’ for car insurance firm

MC defends new rendition of the garage classic as "raising awareness with young boy racers about how important and easy it is to get insured"

15 Years On – Was Nu-Metal The Last Musical Tribe?

It was barely 11am when I saw him: a mud-splattered trench coat over his orange Slipknot boiler suit, using one hand to prop himself...

LA Police officer accused of making lewd remarks at scene of Whitney Houston’s death

Beverly Hills officer is said to have had no legitimate reason to be at the scene

Deerhunter cancel European tourdates

Bradford Cox's band cite 'unforseen family circumstances' as trek is axed

Arctic Monkeys’ ‘AM’ set to retain Number One spot, despite competition from Manics and Elton

Jason Derulo looks set to bump Katy Perry from singles chart top spot

Insane Clown Posse sued by former publicist over sexual harassment

Andrea Pellegrini was 'given a large sex toy' and 'asked to obtain illegal automatic weapons' while working for the US rap duo

Fans petition Gwar to perform half-time show at 2015 Super Bowl

Petition to see the shock rockers perform at the 2015 sporting spectacle hits 18,000 signatures

The Mighty Boosh reunite for first UK dates in four years

Comedy duo spark TV comeback speculation with shows as The Mighty Boosh Band

5 People Miley Cyrus’s VMA Show Pissed Off The Most

It’s the news story that has dominated headlines, drawn high profile figures into fierce debate and divided opinion across the world. The prospect of...

10 Weird and Wonderful Things We Found In Pete Doherty’s Shop

We’ve known Pete Doherty as a Libertine, Babyshambler, poet, tabloid scandal-maker and film star, but bric-a-brac shop owner? The frontman’s latest guise is one...