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A brand new ‘Redfall’ trailer shows off weapons

A new official trailer, released June 30, for ‘Redfall’ from Arkane Studios shows loadout and skill tree information

The ‘Pokémon Go’ Kanto Cup is underway for a limited time only

The Kanto Cup is returning to the 'Pokémon Go' Battle League this week

‘Mario + Rabbids Sparks of Hope’ will feature music from gaming’s biggest composers

Grant Kirkhope, Gareth Coker and Yoko Shimomura join forces for the upcoming sequel

‘Pokémon Go’ creator Niantic cancels four projects and cuts 8% of staff

Following the success of ‘Pokémon Go’, Niantic has struggled to find its next big hit and has cancelled four projects, cutting 85 to 90 jobs

Nintendo says it has increased security following 2020 “gigaleak”

An unprecedented amount of confidential game data was leaked online in 2020 and Nintendo has finally responded

The newest ‘Overwatch 2’ beta has begun and Mercy players aren’t happy

The newest ‘Overwatch 2’ beta is underway but those that play Mercy are unhappy with some of the changes made to her gameplay style

Modders already have ‘Half-Life 2’ running on Switch

24 hours after the release of 'Portal' on Nintendo Switch, modders have started working on ports of ‘Half-Life 2’

Blizzard acquires ‘Spellbreak’ Studio Proletariat

The news comes as it was announced that ‘Spellbreak’ will be sunset

How to watch SGDQ 2022

Summer Games Done Quick 2022 features speed-runs from the likes of 'Elden Ring' through to 'Pokemon Brilliant Diamond' and starts this week

‘Pokémon Go’ has a new anti-cheat system

Niantic has announced it will be taking action on accounts that were discovered to be cheating during the latest 'Pokémon Go' in-game events