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‘The Platform’ review: a shocking, must-see fable for days of panic buying and isolation

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The Big Read – Tame Impala: “This band is the fantasy of music. It’s The Lord Of The Rings”

Kevin Parker has taken his band from psychedelic outliers to festival headlining giants

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Lewis Capaldi has the world at his feet – but will he trip over it?

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The beloved cult filmmaker reflects on an extraordinary career

Has anyone else had enough zombies to last them an un-lifetime?

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“We stand for love and peace and brotherhood” – inside Coldplay’s spectacular sermon on the mount in Jordan

Coldplay's two-date 'World Tour' began in off-the-beaten-track Amman. The Prince of Jordan was there to catch them play their brilliant new album 'Everyday Life' and so was NME's Dan Stubbs

The Big Read – Poppy: Human After All

Think you know Poppy, the robo-pop sensation and maker of mesmerising YouTube videos, all in the guise of a sentient Artifical Intelligence? So did NME Deputy Editor Dan Stubbs when he went to meet the LA-based star at a London fetish dungeon, only to find Poppy is more human than we might have thought. Breaking character for the first time, Poppy reveals more than ever before about her work, her life and why she wants to bring down the internet.

Poppy and AMA at NME’s Ghouls To The Front: Halloween fever dream meets situationist prank meets techno rave amazingness

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DTpBA-ncjR8 Poppy, round the back of the Shack Last night, American pop-rock provocateur, YouTube-subverting anti-vlogger and sometime cult leader Poppy popped over to the UK for...