Emma Madden

Lana Del Rey Live at the Hollywood Bowl, LA: a poetic genius caught in her natural habitat

In order to understand Lana Del Rey fully, you have to go to LA. On the drive to her show tonight at the Hollywood...

Carrie Brownstein: “You have to start with your own body as an act of resistance”

In the early ‘90s, in a Washington alive with riot grrrl bands, 20-year-old Carrie Brownstein first saw Corin Tucker singing in the punk rock...

The Big Read – Christine And The Queens: “I’m horny, and I desire, and I’m sad, and happy, and joyful”

Reinvented as Chris, the randy protagonist of her second album of the same name, Christine And The Queens’ Héloïse Lettisier has embraced '80s funk and pan-sexuality to five-star effect (see our review). But, the morning after a Brief Encounter-style moment at a London train station, she’s got romance on the brain too, finds Emma Madden