Gladys Yeo

Jeon Somi on the creation of ‘XOXO’: “Fuck it, I just did it”

The singer also spoke about how she wants to be remembered as “the crazy, badass girl in Korea”

Stray Kids and TWICE’s agency teases upcoming K-pop act Xdinary Heroes

The group’s name stands for “Extraordinary Heroes”

CLC’s Sorn accused of being “colourist” in controversial TikTok video

"I definitely do not stand for colorism or discrimination of any kind," the singer has said in response

BTS songwriter Adora releases ‘Make U Dance’, featuring VIVIZ’s Eunha

The singer had also previously penned hits for TXT and GFRIEND

Lee Hi says her next album will feature fellow AOMG artists

“They all have their own charms, the more the better”

BTS and Coldplay unveil new remix of ‘My Universe’ with Galantis

The latest version of ‘My Universe’ is out now

IZ*ONE’s Jang Won-young joins Starship Entertainment’s upcoming girl group IVE

Fellow ex-IZ*ONE member An Yu-jin was revealed to be part of the group earlier this week

aespa to unveil remake of S.E.S.’s ‘Dreams Come True’ next month

It will be released as part of the new “SM x YouTube Remastering Project”

2AM make long-awaited return with two new music videos starring 2PM’s Junho

Their new mini-album ‘Ballad 21 F/W’ is out now