Jack Coleman

‘Crypt of the NecroDancer’ getting “super secret announcement” this week

Earlier this month, Brace Yourself Games teased "something big" was coming

Tencent and Logitech team up for cloud gaming handheld coming this year

The device will "support multiple cloud gaming services"

‘Assassin’s Creed’ director fired for misconduct lands new job at Tencent

Ashraf Ismail, who was dismissed by Ubisoft for misconduct, has resurfaced at Tencent

‘Resident Evil Village’ free update bringing new accessibility features

These include additional subtitles options and more

‘Overwatch’ pro players “strike” mid-series due to Blizzard error

Blizzard caused controversy by declaring a winner halfway through a match

‘VRChat’ developer responds to anti-cheat backlash with accessibility roadmap

Easy Anti-Cheat is staying, but wider accessibility features are going to be added soon

‘League Of Legends’ patch 12.14 ends Gangplank’s reign of terror

Enchanters are also being hit hard in this patch

‘VRChat’ is being review bombed following anti-cheat announcement

The introduction of Easy Anti-Cheat has the 'VRChat' community riled up

My Nintendo Store offline for maintenance in the U.K

The service will remain offline until July 27

‘Back 4 Blood’ hiring spree will fuel new “stories, characters, and content”

Turtle Rock Studios is committed to working on 'Back 4 Blood' for some time to come