Jack Grimshaw

Unity developers created software for the US Air Force’s “Kill Chain”

Unity could provide “better immersion and simulation quality than existing systems.”

Crafting game ‘Outerverse’ hit by NFT scam

"There is absolutely no NFT integration in the real Outerverse or with any other titles from Freedom Games.”

‘Minecraft’ tournament DDoS attack takes down Andorra’s internet

A reward has been offered for finding those responsible

‘Halo Infinite’ Season 2 will let players earn premium currency

Credits will appear in the Season 2 Battlepass

Steam Deck now supports Easy Anti-Cheat games

Easy Anti-Cheat games include 'Apex Legends' and 'Battlefield 2042'

‘Cyberpunk 2077’ QA lead leaves the developer after 11 years

"Last month I decided to leave CD Projekt RED after [a] great 11 years there"

‘Assassin’s Creed’ series originally ended on a spaceship

Assassin's Creed in space would be pretty cool...