Miri Teixeira

The roguelike, isometric adaptation of Netflix film ‘Kate’ arrives next month

The game tasks you with curing a deadly poison whilst negotiating Tokyo's criminal underworld

Spider-Man will have his own story in ‘Marvel’s Avengers’

Crystal Dynamics says his inclusion will be as an "event"

Marvel’s Venom arrives in ‘Fortnite’, along with Tom Hardy

The skin lets players switch between the two

‘Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine’ gets 10-year Anniversary Edition update

It's free if you already own the game, and includes all the DLC

‘The Last Of Us’ gets its own custom guitars, straps, and picks

The two designs are available to pre-order now

New ‘The Last Of Us’ content reveal coming this weekend

And a whole bunch of apparel has just launched

‘Forza Horizon 5’ debuts new multiplayer modes and car sharing

A feature invites players to share their creations with friends