Held at the Royal Albert Hall, 7000 music fans turned up. It was hosted by Pete Murray and Lonnie Donegan was greeted by a “shattering reception,” our reporter said. Meanwhile Cliff Richard “suffered from too much applause.”

Frankie Vaughan gave a “lithe, animated performance…and his act is a pleasant combination of traditions both old and new in show business.”

World’s Outstanding Male Singer
Elvis Presley

World’s Outstanding Female Singer
Connie Francis

World’s Outstanding Musical Personality
Elvis Presley

World’s Outstanding Vocal Group
Everly Brothers

Favourite British Male Singer
Cliff Richard

Favourite British Female Singer
Shirley Bassey

Favourite British Vocal Group
The Mudlarks

Favourite British Vocal Personality
Frankie Vaughan

Favourite British Instrumentalist
Russ Conway

Favourite British Large Band or Orchestra
Ted Heath

Favourite British Small Group
Lonnie Donegan

Favourite British Disc Jockey
Pete Murray

Favourite British New Disc or TV singer
Craig Douglas

Favourite British Disc Of Year
Cliff Richard’s ‘Living Doll’

Favourite British Artist for Poll Concert
Marty Wilde