Taking place at the Empire Pool, Wembley on May 3rd. We called it “the greatest array of pop talent in the world.” And, really you couldn’t argue with a line up that included The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, Cliff Richard and a (virtual) Elvis Presley.

Presley who won a couple of awards sent a personal message. “Hello everybody. This is Elvis. I am sorry I cannot be with you all…but I’d like to congratulate all the winners and thank you for including me.”

The Rolling Stones could “hardly be heard above the shouts” whilst The Beatles’ performance was met with similar hysteria. “Paul tried in vain to announce ‘Twist And Shout’ and the number brought an even greater hurricane of stamping, cheering, crying, screaming response,” we wrote.

Roy Orbison



Outstanding Male Singer
Elvis Presley

Outstanding Female Singer
Brenda Lee

Outstanding Vocal Group

Outstanding Musical Personality
Elvis Presley

British Male Singer
Cliff Richard

British Female Singer
Dusty Springfield

British Vocal Group

British Vocal Personality
Cliff Richard

British Rhythm and Blues
Rolling Stones

British Instrumental Unit

British Tv Or Radio Programme
Ready Steady Go

British Disc Jockey
Jimmy Savile

British New Disc or TV Singer
Mick Jagger

British Disc This Year
The Animals ‘House Of The Rising Sun’