The turn of the decade saw The Jam sweeping the board. ‘Sound Affects’ won Best Album, Paul Weller picked up Best Male and Guitarist and ‘Going Underground’ won Best Single. That shortlist contained a number of classics: ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart’, ‘Ashes To Ashes’, ‘Enola Gay’ and The Cure’s ‘A Forest’. Meanwhile, Margaret Thatcher won Creep Of The Year. Obvs.

Charles Shaar Murray said of the sea change away from the ‘old guard’ by saying: “How low hath the mighty fallen- in some cases- and how spectacularly some of the heights have been scaled. So who matters these days? Well Led Zeppelin, the Stones and even the poor old ‘Oo don’t seem to matter one little bit.”

Best Group
The Jam

Best New Act

Best Male Singer
Paul Weller

Best Guitarist
Paul Weller

Best Drummer
Rick Buckler

Best Songwriter
Paul Weller

Best Bassist
Bruce Foxton

Best Keyboardist
Dave Greenfield

Best Other Instrumentalist

Best Single
The Jam – ‘Going Underground’

Best Album
The Jam – ‘Sound Affects’

Best Dressed Sleeve
The Jam – ‘Sound Affects’

Best Disc Jockey
John Peel

Best Dressed Person
Adam Ant

Haircut Of The Year
Eugene Reynolds

Most Wonderful Human Being
Paul Weller

Creep Of The Year
Margaret Thatcher

Event Of The Year
Death Of John Lennon

TV Programme
‘Not The Nine O’Clock News’

Movie Of The Year
‘The Elephant Man’