The regulars stood tall, proud and not so proud. Mozzer, Thatcher and Peel all had repeat wins. There were a couple of new faces in the form of Suzanne Vega and The Proclaimers.

Giving a nudge to the future, our man said: “The disintegration of The Smiths…does, however, add new interest to the top of the ‘Best Band’ category. Or rather it should, but looking for next year’s top combo isn’t quite the adventure it should be. Current evidence point to the ascension of either U2, New Order, or REM all groups that formed before the dearly departed.”

Best Group
The Smiths

Best Single
Prince – ‘Sign O The Times’

Best LP
The Smiths – ‘Strangeways Here We Come’

Male Singer

Best Female Singer
Suzanne Vega

Best New Act
The Proclaimers

Best Dance Record
M/A/R/R/S – ‘Pump Up The Volume’

Most Wonderful Human Being

Creep Of The Year
Margaret Thatcher

Bad News Of The Year
Another Conservative Victory At The General Election

Safe Sex

John Peel

Best TV Programme

Best Film
‘Angel Heart’

Event Of The Year
Nuclear Agreement