And so it begins again… After 1993’s Brit Awards had the news pages of NME screaming: “Must We Throw This Brit At Our Pop Kids?” (Annie Lennox and Simply Red both picked up a duo of awards), the NME Awards were resurrected, re-branding themselves as ‘The Brats’ in retaliation.

Britpop was in its halcyon period; to reflect this the likes of Radiohead, Suede and Elastica took home awards. The cover of the February 5th issue was: ‘Take Brat And Party!’ and featured Yorke, Frischmann and Anderson pouting and holding their awards aloft. Hitting all the mid-90s culture reference points, it was hosted by Vic and Bob, took place at London’s New Empire and was broadcast on the The Evening Session.

Vic Reeves and Bob Mortimer


Best New Band

Best Single
Radiohead – ‘Creep’

Best Band

Best Album
The Boo Radleys – ‘Giant Steps’

Best Dance Act

Godlike Genius Award
John Peel

Best Dance Act

Live Event

Rap Act
Cypress Hill

Best Film
Reservoir Dogs

Worst Record
Meatloaf – ‘I Would Do Anything For Love (But I Won’t Do That)’

Best Venue
The Forum

Event of 1993
Unity March

Best Radio Show
John Peel

Jurassic Park

Best Solo Artist

Best New Act
Credit To The Nation

John Major

Object Of Desire

Watch this clip of Vic and Bob interviewing a slightly harassed looking Brett Anderson. “Do you like laughing?” Classic.