It looks like ‘Deadly Premonition 2’ is coming to PC this year

It’s an accidental announcement, but it seems like the follow up to the cult classic ‘Deadly Premonition’, which is currently exclusive to Nintendo Switch, is actually coming to PC.

New ‘Resident Evil’ multiplayer game ‘Re:Verse’ beta available for free right now

In the lead up to ‘Resident Evil Village’, Capcom announced another attempt at a multiplayer take on the ‘Resident Evil’ series, and it’s available to try in beta form right now, on all formats.

‘Mario 35’ replaced with ‘Pac-Man 99’, which is free and out now

We all knew that ‘Mario 35’ was going away, but nobody saw this coming, as it’s been replaced with another battle royale style game. This time it’s ‘Pac-Man’.

‘Grand Theft Auto V’ is coming back to Game Pass as part of April’s additions

While the first few games announced that are being added to Xbox Game Pass in April aren’t the best ones we’ve ever seen, ‘Grand Theft Auto V’ is coming back, which will please many.

A former PlayStation exclusive is coming to Xbox Game Pass on Day One

Sometimes a headline speaks a thousand words, but to say this announcement comes as a surprise might be under-selling it just a tad, as the originally exclusive to PlayStation series ‘MLB The Show’ is coming to Xbox Game Pass the day it is released.