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NewJeans: “We want to show the industry that music shouldn’t be divided by language”

NewJeans are K-pop’s great new hope. NME meets the Y2K-loving girl group to talk about their buzzy new songs ‘OMG’ and ‘Ditto’, growing as songwriters, and the impact they want to have as artists

Ruel: “I don’t set myself goals ever. I just do everything when it comes and feels right”

Ruel lost touch with real life – until the pandemic let him become a kid again. NME goes on set with the 20-year-old popstar for his debut album ‘4th Wall’, which was inspired by ‘The Truman Show’, Elliott Smith and a Schoolies trip

Inhaler: “We’re not here to be a mid-bill festival band – you have to keep pushing to the very top”

The upcoming months promise huge support slots with Arctic Monkeys and Harry Styles, and an equally ambitious second album. NME heads to their Dublin homecoming shows before it all kicks off

Shame: “When we started out as a band, we went about it in a pretty teenage way…”

The London band’s knotty second album was overshadowed by the pandemic and the scuppering of their live shows. They return with ‘Food For Worms’, a “dynamic” record that highlights their strongest tendencies and growing maturity

FLO: “We hope anybody who hears our music – especially young Black girls – gets our message”

In less than a year, the London trio have navigated the journey from unknown entity to one of the most-talked about groups on the planet. Now, they land the top spot in this year’s NME 100

Sam Ryder: “Eurovision was the perfect point in my journey to throw all the chips on the table”

Following a triumphant showing at Eurovision – and now a Number One album – the Essex-born musician has undeniably had 2022’s feel-good breakthrough

SG Lewis: “When imposter syndrome sets in, I do ask myself why artists want to work with me”

The party-starting musician and producer is a sought-after collaborator for Elton John, Dua Lipa, Mabel and more. A second album – influenced by Daft Punk and yacht rock – ought to cement his place at dance-pop’s pinnacle

The 50 best albums of 2022

The year was filled with superb albums, and these 50 were NME’s favourites

Iggy Pop: “I assumed things would quiet down once I turned 65. That hasn’t been the case”

On his upcoming album ‘Every Loser’, the Godfather of Punk comes back swinging with the same primitive energy he used to change music forever

MUNA: “We believe in people taking moments of freedom and love where they can find it”

After being dropped by a major, the US trio bounced back by signing with Phoebe Bridgers’ label for their self-titled third record. With support dates with Taylor Swift beckoning, NME heads down to the tour that dreams of a “joyful queer revolution”