10 reasons to make Mad Cool festival your group trip

Madrid. July 11-13. Be there.

There’ll be there for you – when the rain starts to pour. There’ll be there for you – like they’ve been there before. Well, it’s unlikely to rain in sunny Madrid during the sweltering Mad Cool Festival this July, but it’s a perfect place to take your friends for the party of the summer. Here, then, are 10 absolutely essential reasons to make Mad Cool your group trip in 2019.

There’s something for everyone on the line-up

It’s as good as Glastonbury, but cheaper and sunny. Who loses? No-one, except maybe Michael Eavis. Anyway, the exquisite pain of arranging a group trip to a festival lies in the fact that maybe – just maybe – your mates have different music tastes. Reader: this year’s Mad Cool festival line-up includes The Cure, Bon Iver, Noel Gallagher, Smashing Pumpkins, Vampire Weekend, The National, Greta Van Fleet, Mogwai, Teenage Fanclub, The Twilight Sad and The 1975, Van Etten, Robyn and Years & Years. If your mates don’t like any of these acts – cut them out.

The ferris wheel is a laugh

You know how UK festivals always have a few rides scattered about, and they always look like you’re a in a provincial funfair in 1986? Well, Mad Cool’s ferris wheel is a beautiful behemoth and – as an added bonus – the view from up top is an absolute stunner. Take your pals for a spin.

The acts don’t play until the evening

Okay, so festivals are the most fun you can have without laughing – actually, no, wait, you laugh a lot at festivals. Let me try again: festivals are the most fun you can have with your clothes on – no wait, sometimes you take your clothes off. Damnit. Look, the point is that everyone loves festivals, but sometimes on a group trip you’re hanging out with people you don’t get to see very often. So you want to chat and hang out, but there are loads of great acts to see. What to do? The answer! Mad Cool shows don’t start until around 6pm each night, leaving you and your mates free to make each other laugh, possibly naked, all day long.

There’s something for everyone in Madrid

 Stimulating art galleries! Amazing flea markets! Serene parks! It’s the city that keeps everyone happy.

And it’s an indie Mecca

No shit: indie kids old and young should make a pilgrimage to Madrid. That’s our indie intel for you. Mad Cool’s indie disco shimmies on until 4.30am in the evening (remember! The festival doesn’t start until 6pm every night, so there’s plenty of time to sleep off your hangover) and if you head to beloved local club Ochoymedio in the city’s trendy district Malsaña, you’re guaranteed to hear indie tunes spun early into the morning. Heaven knows we’re satisfied now.

Also: sunbathing

July in Madrid is always blazing hot. You love your mates, would do anything for them, but – everyone knows – sometimes they drive you mad. The solution: have a nap under the July sun.

Spanish food is… diverse

 Cocido Madrileño (a delicious stew)! Huevos Rotos hangover-curing fried potatoes)! Bocadillo de Calamares (a squid sandwich that is much better than it sounds)! Madrid really does cater to everyone.

Split timetables

 Okay, back to the festival. Mad Cool shares split timetables in advance, so it’s easy to plan for clashes, and for you and your mates to decide which shows you’ll see separately, which you’ll see together, and where you’ll meet up afterwards. Also you can plan to avoid them if they’re getting on your nerves.

The ground is Astro-turfed

A small detail that makes all the difference. Got mates who don’t like rolling around in mud? Okay, they sound weird, but they will consider Mad Cool a festival utopia like absolutely no other.

The pre-party is better than most festivals

So, the night before Mad Cool kicks off for real, on July 10, there’s a ‘Welcome Party’ that features the likes of Metronomy, Lykke Li, Rosalía, Bring Me The Horizon and loads of other great acts. The point is that Mad Cool is a bit like your friendship group: exciting, varied, packed with laughs and sometimes a bit overwhelming. That’s why it’s the perfect place for your big group holiday this year.