London’s ‘Chicken Connoisseur’ Is The Food Blogger You’ve Been Waiting For

If you haven't seen his YouTube series The Pengest Munch yet, you really need to catch up.

The internet is a fickle mistress, but right now it’s being won by brilliant London food blogger The Chicken Connoisseur. He actually started his YouTube review series of chicken shops, The Pengest Munch, back in September 2015, but his videos have only gone viral in the last couple of days. Why? Well, it probably has something to do with 2016 being a total shit-show and everyone needing a proper cheering-up. Check out his latest video review – of Tottenham’s Chick King eatery – to find out why everyone’s kind of falling in love with him.

Though some of The Chicken Connoisseur’s fans are calling him a “kid”, he’s actually 23-year-old Elijah Quashie from north London. Explaining why he decided to launch The Pengest Munch last year, Elijah told Buzzfeed: “Most of the time I eat chicken. All restaurants have reviews but chicken shops rarely have any. They are not respected like that and they are better for value for many.” Elijah’s reviewing style is passionate but honest, and he’s no pushover. When he visited Chicken Valley in Edgware Road earlier this year, he branded the service “shambolic” and gave the wings a lowly rating of 1.9/5. Ouch.


So far, Elijah has only made six instalments of The Pengest Munch, but he says more are in the pipeline. “Eventually I will visit shops outside London, but for now I need to go to more chicken shops in London,” he told Buzzfeed. The capital’s chicken shops better raise their game – because bland batter will not be tolerated.

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