We interviewed Hevisaurus, the dinosaur heavy metal band…

Triassic kids will love this.

Hevisaurus is a Finnish five-piece heavy metal band made up of seven-year-old dinosaurs. They hatched, in 2010, from 65-million-year-old eggs buried deep in a mountain – and immediately began to shred heavy tunes. That’s the story, anyway, and the group has been a big hit with children in their home country, having sold over 170,000 albums.

The band’s gearing up to play the Southbank Centre’s Imagine Children’s Festival – it kicks off in London today (February 9) and you can catch their set on February 15. We spoke to their charismatic frontman, Mr. Hevisaurus, about Jurassic Park, good food, love and Ozzy Osbourne. And no, I don’t know how a dinosaur holds a phone either.



Dinosaurs have very small arms. Does that not cause a problem for your band mates who play guitar?

No – everyone can see that we’re little bit different to our forefathers. We like heavy metal and we are good and we are kind. All we need is music – good music – good food, and love.


Have dinosaurs been misrepresented in the media by scare stories such as Jurassic Park?

I’ve seen it many times! It’s a very good movie, but they are different kinds of lizards to us. They think a little bit differently than we do. I think we are more kind, and they don’t play heavy metal like us.


What’s on your dino-rider?

There’s lots of salad, meat, cookies and milk. And I think that’s all we need to make a great show.


How did you discover heavy metal?

We were born seven years ago, and we just started to play. We didn’t know what music we were playing, but somebody else that came to see us said, “Well, you guys are heavy metal”. Heavy metal is simply the best music on the planet!


Who are your heavy metal heroes?

I think Ozzy Osbourne is great. He looks like us!


What’s the most rock’n’roll thing that’s ever happened to Hevisaurus?

Our magic tour bus started to burn – it became smoke and flames and everything, so we had to walk to the next gig.

The extinction event must have been a breeze compared to that. What’s the best gig that you’ve ever played?

In seven years, I think we’ve done, like, six hundred gigs and it’s hard to remember which was the best because they were all great! Every gig we do is great.


With that kind of optimism, you’ll have longevity that outlasts the dinosaurs. What can people expect from your shows at the Southbank Centre?

They can expect a monster show. A very kind monster show and great music.

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