SAD! This Twitter genius turned Donald Trump’s whiny tweets into an early noughties emo song

Everyone knows that Donald Trump is a big baby – SAD! – but it’s never been apparent than here, on a parody song created by the great minds behind the @superdeluxe Twitter account. The song is a small stroke of genius – and actually quite a passable emo tune in its own right.

“We noticed that @realdonaldtrump’s tweets are basically the lyrics to an early 2000s emo song,” they wrote in a recent tweet, “so we turned them into one”.

You know the kind of emo they’re talking about: the melodic verses of American Football; the shrieked, overlapping vocals of Brand New; the anguished, adolescent howl of Thursday. There’s a good chance this kind of glorious noise was the soundtrack to your teenage years, your hormones up and down all over the place, lashing out at everyone and acting like a general div. Luckily, you weren’t the most powerful person in the world, because that would have been a bloody nightmare. Also: look out for his tiny hand sending the tweets in the accompanying video.

The track takes in tweets from Trump’s time as President-elect, as he railed against the media for not treating him with the respect he deserved. Then we move on to the day he took the time out of his busy schedule to have a go at Meryl Streep, an actor whom he branded “overrated”. The best moment of the whole thing occurs near the start, as he whines that the public’s response to his Presidential victory is “very unfaaaaair!”. Also great: the pitiful adolescent tantrum he has about “FAKE NEWS!” Grow up, Donald.

At a push, you could add this missive to the canon of anti-Trump songs, whose rank includes Arcade fire’s ‘I Give You Power’, Father John Misty’s ‘Pure Comedy’ and Run The Jewels’ ‘Nobody Speak’. No, you’re right – like Trump’s xenophobic views, this emo song very much belongs in the past.