5 reasons Megan Thee Stallion’s ‘Hottieween’ proves that Hot Girl Summer is all year long

Hot girl summer hasn't finished yet! Megan Thee Stallion still has more in store for us hotties.

A real hot girl would not hang up her hot girl hat just because summer’s over. One of rap’s newest queens, Megan Thee Stallion, knows this all too well, bringing us horror-inspired webisodes this Halloween season. Full of subtle jokes with freaky Buffy the Vampire Slayer realness, this web series is one to tune into. Real hotties know that we run the world all year round, and Hottieween proves this perfectly.

“Ignore this asshole, I want a full report in the morning.”

The entertaining pilot “Love Hurts” introduces Houston’s hottest stallion to the small screen. If you could get past her slightly stiff acting (like come on! It’s her first gig), Megan’s witty bad-assery combined with her cadence makes the first two episodes a delight to watch. She has conceptualised a modern take on horror for all hot girls to enjoy, cuddled up in their snuggly blankets.

City boys could never!


Although hot girls competed with the ‘City Boys’ (male versions of the infamous hot girls) this summer, they could never amount to the success of the hot girl leader herself. This near-household name has, with the help of the songstress-turn-director Teyana Taylor‘s all-female production company, created a uniquely modern version of Blaxploitation, and showcase a black woman in a leading horror role. There’s a whole lot of hot girl energy in this production. Now tell me which City Boy’s doing that!

Every Hot Girl needs a sidekick…

If you can’t handle the frightful dystopian world of vampires, ghouls, and other halloween-y things, Hottieween‘s comedic flair is for you. Social media star Jay Cole is known for her funny skits and relatable characters on her Instagram page. But now throw on a red wig and some attitude and she is Janine: the perfect sidekick for the sassy private investigator. The two prove that hot girls don’t need a man, but their girls to kick all the ‘fuccbois’ to the curb.

“Stay away from my hot girl!”

What private investigator is as cool as Megan? After falling under Archimedes’s spell and getting that life-changing bite, this Fuccboi slayer still has a job to do. A stallion by day, vampire slayer by night: Megan had to tackle the problem at hand. Even if the sun burns her skin and “Bitch! [She] got fangs!”, her new powers prove useful. No matter what happens to you, you utilise it for the greater good. Ain’t that some real ‘hot girl shit’?


Well the alternative spelling for ‘fuckboys’ is worth more than a smirk. But in all seriousness, these Fuccbois Megan Thee Stallion, P.I is trying to beat are some nasty buggers. Ingesting and infecting ‘Stallion County’, the gang of vampires – lead by an ever so handsome Archimedes (Dave East) – are terrorising the place. And as the head hot girls they are, Janine and Megan get down to the bottom of this, slaying one fuccboi at a time, and getting Megan back to normal.


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