Al Gore told us how to save the world

The ex-vice president of the USA, and current eco-warrior, is back with a new film about climate change doom

It’s been over a decade since Al Gore released An Inconvenient Truth – his shocking documentary about the dangers of global warming. Since then, pollution levels have skyrocketed causing deadly storms in Malaysia, drought in Syria and huge floods in Miami. In short: it’s bad. As a response, Gore’s decided the time is right to step back into the murky waters of cinema with his new film An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth To Power. We went to meet him at very-posh London hotel Claridge’s where he gave us some useful tips on how to prevent everything from melting.

Give money to good people

Al Gore: “Knowledge is power. It can give you the confidence to win the conversations about climate change. Go to the movie. Get the book. One hundred per cent of the profits from both go to The Climate Reality Project, which trains more activists around the world.”

Don’t vote for climate change deniers

“Use your rights as a citizen to exert influence on the candidates who ask for your vote. Show them that you are deadly serious, and if they’re on the right side you’ll support them. But if they’re on the wrong side, you won’t rest until you defeat them.”

Talk to your pals

“Winning the conversation is important because the history of all great social movements teaches that when the conversation is won in civil society, that’s when the laws begin to change. Normalising the fact that we have to make a collective decision to solve this crisis is truly important. We have a duty to convince our friends, too. If you care about the future of this planet, then show you are seriously committed. And do it with passion.”

Buy green stuff

“When you go into the store, ask for the climate-friendly alternatives. This sends a signal to businesses that the market for these alternative products is growing. We’re already seeing many businesses advertising that they’re greener than the competition. Help the others reach the tipping point.”

An Inconvenient Sequel: Truth To Power is in cinemas now