If Alex Turner lyrics were Valentine’s Day cards…

Wait. You didn’t forget did you? Not the most romantic day of the year! You wally, someone’s going to be in trouble. Luckily for you, we’ve got the perfect indie solution to get you out of hot water on Valentine’s Day.

We’ve taken some of Alex Turner’s slickest lyrics to make these Valentine’s Day cards. So instead of shelling out for an over-priced card from your local garage, share one of these designs with your dearly beloved. He’s the smoothest talking rock star we’ve got, so why not make use of the Arctic Monkey’s northern witticisms to help you get lucky tonight?

We’ve even categorised them so you can pick the ideal product for your situation. Now go get ’em tiger.

The flatterer

Alex Turner Valentine's Day cards

For if your partner’s a sucker for a compliment

The sweet-talker

Alex Turner Valentine's Day cards


The maker-upper

Alex Turner Valentine's Day cards

Relationship on the rocks? This will conjure up some of that early days magic.

The truth-teller

Alex Turner Valentine's Day cards

Only use if you’re in a really intense, long-term partnership. Otherwise you might scare them off…