Americans asked Google these weird questions about Brit Awards nominees, so we answered them

Is Jess Glynne deaf?

People use the internet for all sorts of things – not all of it good. But one upside of living in the information age is that you never need to wonder about anything ever again for more than – let’s say – 23 seconds. Just Google it, mate. So everybody is Googling, all the time, and what they are Googling often makes you go, “Blimey! Wasn’t expecting someone to Google that!”

It’s the Brits tomorrow, which means people have been Googling pop stars. Fishing around in the old Googlebot, seeing what’s down there. An info nugget about Lewis Capaldi, perhaps? A little-known fact about Jess Glynne? How tall is Stormzy? Wait, who is Lewis Capaldi?

The research company Ostereo has looked into what Americans have been Googling with regard to this year’s Brit Award nominees, and the results are enough to make you go, “Blimey! Wasn’t expecting someone to Google that!” What we don’t know is if these Googlers received satisfactory answers. We’re helpful sorts at NME, so here’s a one-stop shop that should clear everything up.


Well – mostly. We still don’t know who Lewis Capaldi is.

Is Calvin Harris dead?

No, but ‘We Found Love’ still absolutely slays.

Is Jonas Blue related to Jonas Brothers?

Is Jones the Bootmaker related to Jonas Brothers? Is Vinnie Jones related to Jonas Blue? Is Jones the Bootmaker related to January Jones? Is Boots Riley related to Tommy Lee Jones? No, none of these people are related to one another, and one of them is a high street shoe shop.

Is Jorja Smith related to Will Smith?

No, and neither of them are in The Smiths. West Philadelphia, so much to answer fer.

Is Craig David still alive?

I’ve met Craig David and he was alive then, but that was almost a year ago and I don’t where he is right now. So I would say probably, yeah, but there’s every chance he was making love on Wednesday and on Thursday and Friday and Saturday, but died on Sunday.

Is Aphex Twin a genius?


Like, no? But he is very good? Not as good as David Bowie but probably better than Lewis Capaldi, whoever he is.

Is Jess Glynne deaf?

I thought the answer was no and then I listened to her music.

Are the 1975 Satanists?

Things we know Matty Healy likes: talking, the horse that cured him of heroin, writing great pop songs, talking, sellin’ petrol, oversharing on Instagram Stories, liberal kitsch, kneelin’ on a pitch, talking, bunny ears and long titles. A thing we have no evidence that Matty Healy likes: Satan.

Is Paloma Faith related to Adam Faith?

No, but they were both born in the ’40s.

Are Little Mix problematic?

Isn’t everyone? I’ve been told Jesy is problematic because she did a crap Jamaican accent once but I think people are allowed to say a dumb thing every now and then because otherwise we all have to live up to the unrealistically high expectations we set of people in the public eye, which is fine as long as you’re absolutely certain that you’ve never ever done or said a crass or potentially offensive thing, by accident or otherwise, which I cannot commit to.

Is Rudimental Macklemore?


Is Lewis Capaldi on Snapchat?