The very best efforts for ‘Wear Your Old Band T Shirt To Work Day’

It's BBC 6Music's T-Shirt Day today, and loads of people are joining in...

It might be decidedly chilly outside, but that isn’t stopping music fans all over the place braving the freeze and bearing their arms to show off their favourite short-sleeved band garms. A bold move, in mid-November.

Originally an idea cooked up by radio DJ Steve Lamacq, BBC 6Music’s T-Shirt Day (also known as ‘Wear Your Old Band T Shirt To Work Day’) has been running since 2007. From elaborate home-made efforts to  ill-fitting old favourites, loads of familiar faces are joining in.

Sensibly picking out a practical long-sleeve number -pillaged from their own merch supply, no less – here’s Interpol’s Sam Fogarino. Are musicians allowed to wear their own band’s t-shirts? Sure!


Meanwhile, BBC 6Music’s Maryanne Hobbs has raised the game with a home-made Nils Frahm t-shirt inspired by, erm, Tracey Emin. Very creative, well done.

Sean from Parquet Courts hijacked Rough Trade’s account to show off his Spritualized tee

Paul Smith from Maxïmo Park is currently Sheffield-bound, on tour with his solo project…


Field Music are busy in the studio, apparently – but  David Brewis remembered his Police tribute

New Order, representing German krautrock band Can, and ‘Ege Bamyasi’  

These two dogs don’t mess with anything other than Iron Maiden and Fleetwood Mac. Fair enough

Tim Burgess’ dog is wearing a Tim Burgess t-shirt, obviously

These two forgot their band t-shirts, and made up for it with a very solid improvisational effort. Shout outs to WHAM! and Shaggy

Another heroic homemade effort – this time for a young Pavement fan who requested a Stephen Malkmus and the Jicks top at the last minute

We’re not sure if this technically counts as a John Cage t-shirt, but props for trying

At Idles’ old uni, Bristol UWE, the librarians rate The Wedding Present and Bob Dylan, among other things

Meanwhile, Circa Waves mourn a missed opportunity

And other people just couldn’t choose…

The overall winner of the day, however? Well, it has to be Jodie Whittaker!

Who knew! Dr Who rocks out to Daughter in the Tardis.

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