The good, the bad and the ugly of 2017 Halloween costumes

Some are more than questionable

Halloween is here, so it’s time to get your pumpkins out and start planning what amazing, witty and creative costume you’re going to wear. Consideration of a) how easy they are to make and b) how many likes you’ll get on Instagram for your work of costume art are important, but it’s also worth thinking about how not to be a total dick.

Whilst most of us are celebrating the holiday with good, family friendly fun – a few have produced amazing, questionable and downright disgusting. Here’s our run down of this years offerings:

The good

Pickle Rick

It was bound to happen. As soon as the Pickle Rick episode of Rick and Morty aired it basically pre-empted hundreds of inspired costumes. This amazingly crafted outfit is particularly good, and if you want to feel inspired here’s how they made it.

The Night King

Night King Winter Is Coming!!!! @kwebimageinc @anitramichelle @shineblackhawk #StayMe7o

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There’ll be countless Daenerys and Jon Snow costumes, but there’ll also be a precious few that’ll go all out and come as the Night King. Need inspiration? Look at basketball player Carmelo Anthony’s excellent version.

The bad

Sexy Poop Emoji

Look – if you want to dress up as a sexy cat/librarian/pizza rat, you do you; but some things are better untouched: especially the laughing poo emoji.

Fidget Spinner

Come on millennials, we’re better than this.

Sexy Minion

This needs no explaining, just bizarre.

The Ugly

Anne Frank

In one of the most insensitive ideas of the year, certain retailers have been offering an Anne Frank costume, with the description reading “Now, your child can play the role of a World War II hero”. Several websites have pulled the costume after complaints.

Upside Down Honey

Last year the kids from Stranger Things were an incredibly popular choice for a Halloween, and there’s bound to be hundreds of us dressing up as Eleven this time around; but if you’re going to do it, don’t do it like this one. There’s been a huge backlash online about a costume called “Upside Down Honey”, which is basically a sexy version of Eleven from the show, who was played by 12-year-old Millie Bobby Brown.

Border Control  

Why not go as “Agent Wall” and be a Border Control agent for Halloween? Or why not look at the current political climate and make an educated decision not to.