‘BoJack Horseman’ season 6: release date, trailers and everything we know so far about the final season

The end is nigh for BoJack

Who’d have thought that an ostensibly bizarre comedy show — one whose imagined universe is equally populated with characterful yet flawed humans and anthropomorphised animals — about a washed-up horse-man actor would be such an absorbing, affecting and essential watch? BoJack Horseman has been just that since debuting on Netflix back in August 2014, with a stellar voice cast (Will Arnett, Alison Brie, Aaron Paul) bringing to life tales of hilarity, woe and, sometimes, dark devastation straight from Hollywoo (the ‘d’ went missing from the Hollywood Sign in BoJack-land earlier in the show’s run).

Sadly, Netflix confirmed on September 27 that the forthcoming sixth season of BoJack will be its last, much to the disappointment of fans of Raphael Bob-Waksberg’s acclaimed animated creation. There won’t be too much horsin’ around when it comes to the show’s big goodbye either, as the two-part final season will premiere in October and January respectively — meaning that the dawn of 2020 will also bring the curtain down on BoJack, Princess Carolyn, Todd and co. for good.

Here’s everything we know so far about BoJack Horseman season six.

When will BoJack Horseman‘s sixth season premiere on Netflix?


The final season of BoJack is set to comprise of 16 episodes, and it’ll be divided into two parts: part one will arrive on Netflix on October 25, before the final-ever block of BoJack episodes will premiere on January 31, 2020.

Has there been a trailer yet?

Yes! The announcement of season six’s release date — which also confirmed that the show would be bowing out for good — brought with it the first trailer for the final chapter of BoJack. In the clip, BoJack narrates a letter he’s written to Diane from rehab as we also see glimpses of Princess Carolyn adjusting to motherhood, Todd getting some bad news and Mr. Peanutbutter seemingly about to get run over.

“Every time someone leaves rehab, it makes you think about your own progress,” BoJack says in the preview clip. “I bought into this idea that I was the thing that couldn’t be changed… the main thing I think about is how stupid I was that I didn’t do this sooner. I wasted so many years being miserable because I assumed that was the only way to be: I don’t wanna be that anymore.”

Who’s going to star in BoJack Horseman season six?

The usual primary castmembers will be returning. Will Arnett will of course voice the titular character, while Amy Sedaris (Princess Carolyn), Alison Brie (Diane Nguyen), Paul F. Tompkins (Mr. Peanutbutter) and Aaron Paul (Todd Chavez) will also reprise their voice roles.

At the time of writing, we’ve yet to find out about any new characters, stars or guests for season six — but we’ll let you know once they’re announced.

What’s the plot of BoJack Horseman season six?


“It’s safe to say Horsin’ Around won’t be BoJack Horseman’s only lasting legacy,” a very, very short description from Netflix reads — expect more from the streaming service on the direction of the coming episodes in the lead-up to October 25.

For now, the above trailer gives the clearest indication of what will happen in season six.

What have the cast and crew of BoJack Horseman said about the final season?

Here’s a selection of the social media reaction to season six.


Was BoJack Horseman cancelled?

Well, that’s what Aaron Paul has suggested on Twitter. Responding to a fan who expressed their dismay at the show’s imminent end, Paul said that he and his creative colleagues “had a wonderful time making BoJack. Couldn’t be more proud. Fell in love with these characters just like everyone else did.

“But sadly Netflix thought it was time to close the curtains and so here we are. They gave us a home for 6 beautiful years. Nothing we could do about it.”

This is contrary to what sources close to The Hollywood Reporter have said, as they claim that creator Bob-Waksberg always wanted to end BoJack after six seasons. IndieWire also reports that season six was written and produced with the idea that it would be the final season of the show firmly in mind.

Interestingly, the news of the end of BoJack comes just two months after the July cancellation by Netflix of the animated show Tuca & Bertie, which Bob-Waksberg executively produced. It’s also worth noting that Bob-Waksberg now has another show on the go: the Amazon-produced Undone, which he co-created with BoJack producer Kate Purdy and streams on Netflix’s fierce rival.