We asked musicians about their favourite pie because… Pie Week

It's only British Pie Week!

Pies are good, aren’t they? So good, in fact, that they’ve got their own seven-day celebration.  That’s right pastry fiends, this week is British Pie Week so we had a chat with some cool music dudes about their all-time favourite fillings.

Serge, Kasabian

Serge Pizzorno KasabianRedferns

“Chicken Balti Pukka pie. Fact.”

Graham Coxon

Graham CoxonFilmMagic

“I once had a Pie Minister one at the Troxy when I was supporting The Specials- the vegetarian one, the Heidi possibly? I was very hungry and at the time, it was the best thing I ever tasted.”

Harry, Peace

Harry KoisserDan Kendall

“Mine and Dom’s music teacher was called Mr Pie. He wore a moustache. My favourite pie is apple pie because a magical thing happens to apples when you heat them up. They deconstruct themselves for the better.”



“My favourite pie is chicken and veg. I used to put them in the oven and act like I’d made them from scratch. LOL.”

Maggie Rogers

Maggie Rogers

“The best type of pie is pumpkin pie because… well…. duh. It’s served cold in the US and it’s delicious. I really don’t like warm fruit so fruit pies are out. Weird, I know!”

Super Hans

Super Hans
Super Hans


“I grew up in Waltham Abbey in Essex. To this day Tony’s Pie n Mash in the market square is the only place in the country worth going to for a pie. They’re off the rails. Flat, flaky and just slightly greasy with a hot, brown gravy like filling. None of your ‘chunks of lean beef’ bullshit. The mash is like eating a creamy cloud dream and the liquor is the only green thing you should ever really stick in your gob. Even David Beckham drives all the way out there for his pies.”

Tim Burgess

Tim BurgessPress

“I’m a big fan of Twin Peaks so I’m going to say a slice of damn fine cherry pie!”


GoldieCourtney Francis

“My favourite is steak and bloody mushroom with chips n’ gravy – a Midlands favourite.”

Dua Lipa

Dua Lipa, BerlinRedferns

“Cherry pie is the best, because it tastes so good!”

Liam Gallagher


Laurie, Slaves

Laurie VincentJordan Hughes

“Apple pie is my favourite type of pie. My auntie Pauline would make apple pies for me when she’d come to visit and write my name on the top in pastry. She recently made me one as I told her I missed them.”

Well isn’t that just the cutest. Happy Pie Week, one and all.

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