‘Call Me By Monet’ is your favourite new Insta feed

Art x art = art

With its vibrant cinematography and superb soundtrack featuring three songs by Sufjan StevensCall Me By Your Name is arguably a work of art in itself. But the book upon which the coming-of-age film is based – a summer romance between 17-year old Elio and 24-year old Oliver in the sun-drenched north Italian countryside – features subtle references to the French impressionist painter Monet. Most notably, this is in the part where Elio and Oliver first kiss, on a berm where the former claims Monet used to paint.

Author André Aciman, too, has said he took inspiration for the book from an 1884 Monet painting of a villa surrounded by wild gardens. “The villa in the Monet. The vision of the house. I loved the house, and I wanted to people it. I had no idea who was going to be in it,” he told Elle Decor.

So, what if the two artistic phenomena were combined? What if Elio and Oliver’s blossoming romance was actually embedded into Monet paintings? Well, thanks to Filipino artist Mika Labrague, we now know.

The artist has created an Instagram account that merges key scenes from the film into the foreground of some of Monet’s 19th-century paintings – captioned with quotes from the movie – including The Parc Monceau, Olive Trees, and The Wheat Field.

Unsurprisingly, the results are delightful. Movie clips are elegantly blended into Monet’s masterpieces, creating arresting Instagram posts.

And, as well as Elio and Oliver’s romance, Labrague has also depicted the former’s brief fling with Marzia. Check out more from the feed below.

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