Chris Ramsey on his new show, stand-up tour and why his wife might be trying to kill him

Let's hope he lives long enough to finish 'The Chris Ramsey Show'

Comedian Chris Ramsey has got a second series. Here, the tells NME all about The Chris Ramsey Show, his upcoming stand-up tour – which is coming soon to a town near you – and why he’s deeply suspicious of his wife.

Hey Chris! Tell us everything we need to know about your new TV series, The Chris Ramsey Show

 “I’m well excited! It’s a dream to get a second series. It’s gonna be bigger and better [than the first series]. It’s the first time Comedy Central UK has ever commissioned a weekly, topical show. They do it left, right and centre in America, but to be the first person that does it over here, I’m absolutely honoured. Because we’re topical, we’re gonna film them every week, so we can react to things that are happening at the moment.”

What kind of topical stuff will you be covering?

“By topical, I don’t mean we’re gonna be going through the news. We’re not a satire show. Topical just means we’re on the moment, we’re coming out each week. The chopping the news up and all that stuff, we’ll leave that to Mock the Week. We’ll be looking at the stuff that you see on your phone, the stuff that goes viral, that everyone’s talking about.”


The first series had a homely feel about it, as though the guests were your mates that had just dropped in…

“That’s exactly what we went for. I just wanted it to be informal so we could really get to know them; playing daft games with them and having chats with them. Because this is topical, we can do a different specific game or task or quiz with whoever is in the studio. It’ll be like a shorter version of Sunday Brunch, with much less cooking.”

So, who’s gonna be a guest on The Chris Ramsey Show?

“We’ve got [the rapper] Example, Tom Davis from Murder In Successville and [the comedian] Ed Gamble.”

Who’s on your bucket list?

“My perfect guest would be Conor McGregor [the MMA figher]. He’s a funny cocky, bastard. I just love MMA. I went to watch the Madison Square Garden in New York in November last year and took the wife. She hated it, but I loved it. After every fight my missus turned to me and said, “Is he okay, though?” And I had to say, “Yeah he’s absolutely fine; it’s alright”. I mean, for a couple of them, I said the guy was fine but in my head I was thinking, ‘He’s dead.’”

Your upcoming stand-up tour is called ‘The Just Happy to Get Out the House Tour’. What can we expect?

 “It’s basically a Chris Ramsay guide to life and death, is what I would have called it, but I didn’t wanna put death in the title. I’m not gonna say, “Hey! Come and talk about death for an hour-and-a-half.” Actually, I recently had to do a will and my wife was worryingly keen for me to sign everything over to her. She’s been treating me differently since then; she’s been undercooking my chicken and texting me while I’m driving…”

You’ve got your own TV show and UK-wide stand-up tour. Your mum and Dad must be well proud!


 “They haven’t got Sky, so they can’t watch the show. Can you believe that? Their son has his own show on Comedy Central and they haven’t fucking got Sky. [Laughs] They didn’t get me it for me whole childhood, so they can go and fuck themselves if they think I’m getting it for them now. They didn’t get us a dog, we didn’t have Sky and we never went to America. They’re getting no hand-outs off me. Fuck them.”

– The Chris Ramsey Show airs on Comedy Central at 10pm every Wednesday from March 7. ‘The Just Happy to Get Out of the House Tour’ kicks off on May 17